The Race is On: Betting on Virtual Horse Racing

Round up those digital horses because we're off to the virtual races! In this article, we'll outline what virtual horse race betting is, why it's become so popular, and some reasons why you may find this platform a more appealing way to bet on horse races versus traditional horse racing.

How Virtual Horse Racing Works

Virtual racing is a simulation that replicates real-life horse racing. It features digital racehorses and jockeys competing on digital racecourses. Bettors can place their bets on horses in a betting market before the race and watch a digital simulation of the race, just like real horse racing. Virtual races cover different racing formats, including flat and National Hunt races, and various distances. However, it's important to note that virtual racing is different from actual horse racing, so it's essential to approach virtual horse racing betting differently.

Virtual Horse Racing vs Regular Horse Racing

Unlike traditional horse racing, virtual horse racing is not influenced by multiple complex factors such as the form of the racehorse and jockey, weather, ground preferences, racecourse layout, or race length. Instead, a computer algorithm decides the finishing order of the race. The only significant factor that can predict a virtual horse's performance is its odds. Horses with lower odds have a higher chance of winning, while those with long odds have a lower chance of winning.

Virtual racing software simulates a horse race by generating a sequence of numbers that establish the finishing order. To make the experience engaging for bettors, on-screen events are included to simulate a real race. Think of it like a racing lottery, with the draw determining the outcome.

Virtual On The Rise

Our world has gone virtual. Between digital concerts, virtual casinos, virtual is the new non-virtual. Recently, virtual horse racing has become more and more popular amongst the gambling community. Why is this? During the pandemic, many horse racetracks had to close, causing players to seek out alternative options. Even though most racetracks have reopened, some people have continued to enjoy virtual horse racing as a way to enhance their experiences and further indulge in their passion.

One reason why virtual horse racing has become popular is due to its accessibility. Unlike physical meets that can be affected by external factors like weather, virtual events are available all the time and are not impacted by these issues. As a result, virtual events are almost certain to take place, allowing bettors to place more wagers within the same time period.

When it comes to virtual horse races, the physical form of the horse is not as important as it is in a traditional race. This adds an element of unpredictability, making the experience more exciting. Additionally, it provides a simpler opportunity for those who are new to horse race betting to try it out.


It's no secret that virtual horse racing games have become increasingly popular. As bettors become more comfortable with 3D contests, there is less hesitation to try out a virtual horse racing game. While some may not find betting on horse races as exciting as the real thing, virtual horse racing games still offer the thrill of following your chosen horse with a jockey. Although there may not be a photo finish element with virtual horses, the adrenaline rush is still present. Races start every 10-15 minutes, ensuring that you are never too far from the action. Many bettors find digital horses just as appealing as betting on a real horse race.

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